Blueberry Muffin Bites

photo 5I have a new obsession with dates (the food), dates with my husband are good too. I also love, love, love blueberry muffin Lara Bars, so when I found a recipe that was a mini version of the delicious blueberry bar, I was super excited…so excited that I went out and bought a food processor! These are genius and so delicious! The only bad part was waiting 30 minutes for Continue reading

Pumpkin Blueberry Dog Treats

photo 2 (2)

My bulldog, Hershey is a special kind of bulldog. I always say if he was a human he would be the nerdy, needy kid with glasses that would have to live in a plastic bubble. He has to eat a special dog food that has better ingredients than most of my dinners! He is allergic to something new every week, including wet grass which is so much fun to deal with! It sometimes seems like it would be easier to keep him in a plastic bubble at all times 🙂 If he isn’t crazy hyper he is very needy but he’s super cute while doing it so I don’t mind. 🙂 All he is missing is a thick pair of glasses with duct tape holding them together.

Since Hershey is allergic to almost everything, I made him these hypoallergenic pup treats. It’s his birthday tomorrow so these are extra special!! If you have a furry friend that you want to spoil, these are the perfect treat!

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Open Face Peach Crisp


To celebrate the long awaited first day of summer I made something new and absolutely wonderful that I know any peach lover will fall in love with! This winter seemed to drag on and on and on and on…and then on some more.  I live in Oklahoma and every time a sunny day would temp us, BAM another winter storm would come through. I thought warm weather would never arrive but at last it did and with that I made the juiciest peach lovers dessert. I thought about turning my delightfully delectable Apple Crisp into a Peach Crisp which would have amazing but I wanted something a little simpler. I was in the mood for the peach and crisp topping only…sometimes the crisp topping sounds delicious all by itself! (Am I alone on that one??) So, I thought why not make it open face and pile on all that wonderful crunchy topping. I still used my skillet because it’s my new favorite item in the kitchen, plus the peaches fit so cozy. I tasted these beauties as soon as they were finished and they were so juicy with the perfect amount of crunchy oat sugar topping…perfection!

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