Repurposed Picture Frame

imageI’m a pretty cheap person and thrive off of repurposed projects. I get super excited when I get to reuse an old item and bring it back to life, plus it’s free…yippee! So you can understand my excitement when I had an ugly frame and was able to turn it into something beautiful for my new bulldog picture. (Courtesy of Weekday Best on Etsy). It took me all of 15 minutes to complete and I love it, mostly because of the cuteness that is inside the frame. I apologize for the lack of tutorial photos, I completed it so fast that I forgot but below is quick and easy steps to follow.


Old Picture Frame

White Acrylic Paint

Teal Acrylic Paint (or whatever color you choose)

Sponge brushes

Paw Print Stamp


1. Take the baking and glass out of the picture frame.

2. Paint two coats of white paint on the entire frame, letting it dry between coats. (I had a dark wood frame that required a few touch up areas of a third coat)

3. Once the frame is completely covered and dry, paint a thin coat of the teal paint, allowing the white to peak through. Allow to dry.

4. Using the sponge brush, paint a coat of white paint on the stamp. Press the stamp firmly on the frame where you would like it and hold a few seconds then gently pull straight up so you don’t smudge. Repeat where you would like other paw prints.

5. Allow to dry and add your picture.




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