DIY Wood Painting

photo 3 (2)While scrolling through Pinterest one day I saw a wood flower painting and thought, “how pin-teresting, I can do something like that”! And a few days later my project was complete and only cost me a whopping $3.50! I love when I have most of the supplies already at my house and I can get started right away. Otherwise, I’ll probably forget about it and it will sit in a lonely Pinterest board for months. Below is my step by step tutorial for my flower, I hope you enjoy and also find it “pin-teresting”! 🙂


2 pieces of extra wood, any size you choose

2×12 inch piece of wood, sawed in half (or any size to fit the back)

acrylic paint

paint brushes



1. Place the two pieces of wood together and use a pencil to draw the outline of your flower.

photo 2

2. Paint the petals white and the center yellow.

photo 3

3. Outline the petals black and center black.

photo 4

4. Paint details in the center and along the edges of the petals. Allow the completely dry.

photo 5

5. Position the smaller pieces of wood on the back side at the top and bottom as shown in the picture below and secure by drilling two screws in each. Hang and enjoy!

photo 1 (2)

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