Parmesan Zucchini Chicken Pasta

photo 4Tri-color pasta is one of my favorite pastas…or should I say was before I found out it has milk ingredients in it. I started making this delicious meal and was super excited about it….until I started to wonder about the dairy ingredients in the noodles. Sure enough the box said those two dreaded words: “contains milk”…damn! I’m still a newbie when it comes to cooking dairy free so each day is a learning experience. Today I Continue reading

Dairy Free Mini Pumpkin Donut Muffins

photo 3Mini, pop-able donuts have always been my favorite kind of donut. Not because they taste any better than the regular kind but because they are just more fun to eat and I base half the things I eat on whether they are fun or not! I can’t have the regular donuts anymore since they are not dairy free but I can eat these awesome pumpkin donut muffins. You don’t have to feel Continue reading

Third Time’s the Charm: Extra Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies

photo 5 (5)

When you are married to someone who has a peanut butter cookie addiction, you end up having a peanut butter cookie baking addiction. I’ve made three batches in two days searching for the perfect cookie! It’s become a little bit of a problem but I have it totally under control. The first two were very yummy and I could have easily stopped there and have been satisfied but something inside of me knew I could make a cookie that was a little bit chewier, peanut butterier, and even more melt in your mouth soft! When I came across a recipe labeled Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies I was more than tempted and skeptical. However, like all addicts I couldn’t help myself and I bought another jar of peanut butter and went at it. The third time’s the charm because these cookies are the  best batch out of out of all three! I’m done baking peanut butter cookies…for a little while at least. 🙂

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