Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I love a good soft, chewy, and warm chocolate chip cookie with every bite dipped into a cold glass of milk! Sounds like a rockin’ Wednesday night, right?? Well, that is just what I did this past week. I made the best soft baked cookies I’ve ever made. They are taken out of the oven slightly under baked which I was a little nervous about doing but they sit on the baking sheet for 10 minutes to continue baking once removed. This process makes them turn out perfect..more than prefect actually! You will love these, I promise 🙂

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Banana Pancakes

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I might be developing a slight obsession for breakfast food. One of my favorite things about Saturday morning, and now sometimes Sunday morning too, is the big breakfast I make for my husband and I. It used to be a once a week occasion and now it’s turning into an all weekend event! I’m kind of okay with this and I think my husband is too. I made the most delicious banana pancakes last weekend which was a first for me. As they were cooking, the smell of bananas filled the entire house and it was so amazing. They tasted exactly like they smelled…amazing and these pancakes even smile at you before you inhale them!

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Healthy Chocolate Banana Shake

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All over Pinterest I have seen recipes for a copy cat healthy “Wendy’s Frosty”. I was pretty stoked about this because Frosty’s are freakin’ awesome but I would weigh 300 pounds if I ate them all the time. I made a few different recipes, combined a few recipes, and tweaked them a bit. I’m here to report none of them tasted anything like a Wendy’s Frosty. They are straight up lying to you! However, I have good news…I made a pretty tasty chocolate banana shake at the end of the whole thing. 🙂 It’s creamy, chocolatey, and has a great banana flavor mixed in….so delicious and definitely healthier than a Frosty!

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Skillet Parmesan Chicken and Roasted Potatoes


My husband and I tend to eat different dinners most nights and tonight I made him a very special dinner….just because I’m awesome! He also got homemade banana pancakes for breakfast. I also asked him to be a guest blogger and write about his experience eating and enjoying his dinner for one. I normally have no problem writing about the food I made because I eat it and can easily describe it. In this case I asked my husband to write this blog since he was the one to inhale it and enjoy it so much. So, I’ll stop talking now and let my husband take over…..

Hello everyone I’m “The Husband.” When “The Wife” asked me to be a guest blogger I was hesitant at first, what was I gonna write about? Well much to my surprise, and relief for bloggin purposes, I was awakened this afternoon (relax I work nights) to banana pancakes. I thought I was all set, but was still having some trouble thinking about what to write. So a few hours later I come inside to find a delicious skillet chicken Parmesan awaiting me. First off who doesn’t love a little Italian food. However, I’ve come to learn, as I’m sure you have through this blog, that everything is better in a cast iron skillet. Now I may be a little biased, but this is the best chicken parm I’ve ever tasted right down to the red sauce, which I made sure to finish off. As you know, my wife is an amazing cook, but this dish took it to a whole other level.

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Open Face Peach Crisp


To celebrate the long awaited first day of summer I made something new and absolutely wonderful that I know any peach lover will fall in love with! This winter seemed to drag on and on and on and on…and then on some more.  I live in Oklahoma and every time a sunny day would temp us, BAM another winter storm would come through. I thought warm weather would never arrive but at last it did and with that I made the juiciest peach lovers dessert. I thought about turning my delightfully delectable Apple Crisp into a Peach Crisp which would have amazing but I wanted something a little simpler. I was in the mood for the peach and crisp topping only…sometimes the crisp topping sounds delicious all by itself! (Am I alone on that one??) So, I thought why not make it open face and pile on all that wonderful crunchy topping. I still used my skillet because it’s my new favorite item in the kitchen, plus the peaches fit so cozy. I tasted these beauties as soon as they were finished and they were so juicy with the perfect amount of crunchy oat sugar topping…perfection!

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Baked Blueberry French Toast

photo 1 (2)

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love breakfast! 🙂 I make a big breakfast every Saturday but last weekend, I treated my husband to a big breakfast Saturday and Sunday…I’m such an awesome wife! Both included a different type of French Toast. Saturday was the French Toast Roll Ups which were a huge hit and Sunday followed up with Baked Blueberry French Toast. These were also very delicious but very dangerous! They had exploding blueberries…literally. When blueberries get really hot they burst, so when we bit into them the juice squirted across the room and on each other! There was dots of blueberry juice everywhere, it was my favorite part of the whole breakfast. My least favorite part:  cleaning all of it up 🙂

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French Toast Roll Ups

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Nutella is advertised as healthy, so that means any recipe I put Nutella in makes it a nutritious and heart healthy meal, right? Thank goodness because I almost thought these French Toast Roll Ups stuffed with Nutella were bad for me. 😉 I added fruit to a few of them so I think I get bonus points for that.

Saturday morning is a big breakfast morning in our house. I love to try out new, fun recipes which some turn out great…some not so great…more like epic fails that are non edible and we end up at IHOP. However, it’s a little hard to screw up breakfast, everything seems to always come out tasting delicious when drizzled in butter and maple syrup. These French Toast Roll Ups were far from an a epic fail, they were a huge hit and I will definitely be making them again and again. I used several different fillings to have a variety such as Nutella, Nutella and banana, and strawberry jam. Nutella was my favorite while strawberry jam hit the spot for my husband. You can fill them with anything you like and I’m sure they will be yummy!

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