Cooking A-Z: I is for Ice Cream

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I’ve been waiting and waiting for the day that I was able to create my letter “i” post because I have known from day one that I was going to make ice cream. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are so many amazing flavors to choose from…my all time favorite is pumpkin cheesecake by Ben and Jerry.
I would say they those guys are the top ice cream makers in the world but that was until a few moments ago when I tasted my ice cream! It’s creamy, soft, and has incredible flavor. It’s not going to last long in this house!
Mix in your own favorite candy or topping and let me know what you think! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading

Cooking A-Z: H is for Honey Cake


Finding a good recipe for H was a little bit of a challenge. I’m not a huge fish fan so halibut was out of the running and I thought about making a hazelnut spread but I just a fruit dip so I wanted to spread my wings I little. I got pretty excited about making hush puppies but my husband busted my happy bubble when he pointed out we don’t have a fryer 😦 “Thank you, I realize that…I was going to fry them in the pan as another blogger recommended”, I pointed out to this amateur! “Eww! Ohhh, no! You can’t do that!”, the amateur screamed!….happy bubble popped and off to to reclaim my happiness with a new fryer!

So until I can stuff my face with delicious hush puppies I will delight you with Honey Cake. I found this recipe on Many reviewers replaced the orange juice with coffee and said it was amazing. I also used lemon juice instead of orange zest and my cooking time was altered. (Please visit for original recipe, my version is below.)  I decided to try the coffee out since I loved the last time I put coffee in one of my cakes. It turned out very moist with tons of flavor, however I think the orange juice would compliment the the honey great and I will try that next time.

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Cooking A-Z: Letter G: Ganache Frosting

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I can’t believe I’m already on letter G! I’ve already learned so much and I’m having so much fun making and tasting new recipes 🙂

I haven’t made cupcakes for my blog in a while and I could feel them calling my name. I’ve never made ganache frosting before so it was perfect timing. I’m usually not a huge chocolate on chocolate fan but after my toe-curling delicious Devil’s Food Cake I was hooked! I did a Valentine theme when decorating these cupcakes and made a pink chocolate heart…awhh!

Ganache is actually pretty easy to make and requires few ingredients. I wanted a thicker consistency for my frosting so I played around with the ingredients and came up with the following recipe. It’s super rich and super tasty 🙂 Enjoy! Continue reading

Cooking A-Z: F is for Fruit Dips

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For the letter “F” I made two different fruit dips, strawberry and peanut butter.  I wanted to keep it simple and healthy but satisfy my sweet tooth at the same time…win, win! I wanted to make two different dips to see which one I liked better and there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly fruit dip competition 🙂 After a few taste tests I made my decision and the gold metal goes to…..the strawberry dip!! Yea!! Congratulations!! Okay, back to the food….the reason it earned it’s gold metal was because it was so much fluffier, lighter, and sweeter. It tastes best with all fruit unlike the peanut butter which I would award the bronze metal…it was tasty but a bit runny and only tastes good with apples. It also tastes more like straight peanut butter and less like a peanut butter dip. I’m glad I made two fruit dips so I could have a friendly fruit competition today! Both dips played well but we can only have one gold metal winner! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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Cooking A-Z: E is for Egg Rolls

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I decided to make a savory item for “E” since I have been overloading everyone with sweets and it turned out great! I had a snow day earlier this week and wanted to make these.  I had most of the ingredients I needed already at home but had make a trip for a few items which included the egg roll wrappers. I will save you a ton of time and tell you the grocery store hides them with the refrigerated vegetables next to the tofu items….they are not in the foreign food aisle, frozen vegetable asile, or any frozen or non frozen aisle for that matter!  🙂 I had to look up a picture of the package and 15 minutes later after I thoroughly inspected the grocery store, I found them! For the egg rolls, I found the recipe at Taste of These were much easier than I thought and I’m looking forward to making other types of egg rolls. I can’t wait to try dessert egg rolls, breakfast egg rolls, Mexican egg rolls, the list just goes on and on! I hope you enjoy as much as I did 🙂 Continue reading

Cooking A-Z: D is for Devil’s Food Cake

devils food cake

I’m not a huge chocolate or cake fan, don’t get me wrong, I have a huge sweet tooth but it’s normally for things like cheesecake and ice cream…yum! I have pumpkin cheesecake ice cream in the freezer right now! It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had….oh yeah back to the delicious cake 🙂 After I made this Devil’s Food Cake, I had several pieces because it was that good and I craved a piece of this wonderful cake! My husband begged me to take the rest to work so he wouldn’t polish the entire thing off. So I did and my co-workers ate the entire cake! Should we mention my beautiful frosting job? I think it’s pretty fantastic 🙂 I hope you enjoy this delicious cake! Continue reading