Build Your Own Craft Table

photo 3 (5Ta-Da!! I made my own craft table….(with the help of my manly husband). I’m one step closer to turning our old office into my DREAM craft room! It’s almost finished and I’m SO excited! I no longer have to craft at the kitchen table, which was getting pretty used and abused with paint, hot glue, and close calls with razor blades! I vow to take better care of this table 🙂

I must give credit where credit is due! I got the idea from this crafty lady I found on Pinterest, she did a great job! Her blog is Little Lucy Lu!

Materials Needed:

  • four 1″x8″ cedar boards, cut to six feet long
  • three 2″x4″ boards cut slightly less than the width of your table (we cut ours at a 45 degree angle at the ends)
  • wood screws
  • white paint
  • two table legs from Ikea


Line the boards together upside down, the smooth side toward the ground. Then position the 2x4s to the underside. One in the middle and the other two one the outside. (As seen positioned in the picture below) Screw into place with a drill. Next, use a sander to sand the entire table and round the corners.

photo 3 (3)Sanding the table..

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (3)
Next, I painted the table white with 3 coats.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

Put your legs in place…

lerberg-trestle__80181_PE204449_S4There you have it!! A finished and beautiful craft table!!

photo 37


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