DIY Thank You Card

Thank You Card

I recently received a very nice gift from a family member and wanted to send a Thank You card. Even though there are many fancy and lovely store bought ‘Thank You’ cards available to buy that I’m sure are much prettier than mine ;), nothing says “thank you” better than a homemade card. It comes from the heart and your time and effort went into planning the perfect way to say “I appreciate for my wonderful gift”. I hope you like it too 🙂Materials Needed:

  • Blank Card
  • glue stick
  • scrapbook paper
  • flower embleshment
  • hot glue
  • ribbon
  • stamps and ink pad

Tools for card


1. Cut a square piece of scrapbook paper to cover about half of of the front card cover. I used scissors with a design to give a little more embellishment.

2. Punch a hole on the right side at the top of the scrapbook paper. Put a line of mod podge along the top of the scrapbook paper and secure one line of 23. Let this dry for 5 minutes and then put a line of mod podge on the ribbon that is glued down. Let dry and tie a bow with the loose ends on the left side.

photo 34. Using letter stamps, stamp “thank you” above the scrapbook paper. Hot glue the flower in the lower right corner and let dry.

5. Send to someone special 🙂

photo 4


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