Stenciled Button Canvas Art


I love making anything with buttons, they make art so cute and you have endless options. I had a space in my kitchen that needed some color so I decided to make two small canvas pieces. I wanted each to be simple so they did not overwhelm the small kitchen.

I always free hand when I draw but stencils are very popular right now so I decided to try one from Micheal’s. I was not very pleased with how it turned out and ended up free handing over the stencil outline. The stencil leaked through even though I taped it securely to the canvas. Maybe others have a better technique for stenciling, I gave it my best shot and for a first timer I think I did pretty good! 🙂 Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration 🙂

Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Round foam brush
Canvas Buttons
Puff Paint
Hot Glue

1. Tape stencil down on canvas to prevent from slipping
2. *Note: I used a foam brush and dabbed the paint. This technique was not the best and caused leaks! I later learned to use a regular thin paint brush and paint within the stencil. This takes takes a little longer but it does not cause leaks. I used 3 coats. Wait for each coat of paint to dry completely before painting new coat if paint.
3. Remove stencil when completely dry and position and tape next to the first stenciled area. Repeat steps.
4. Use puff paint to highlight the tree trunk, leafs, and butterflies.
5. Use hot glue to add buttons to the canvas for grass, flower petals, and leafs.

Dabbing Technique that causes leaks

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