Celebrate Birthday Cupcakes


Today I made cupcakes for another birthday, so many lately…it’s a good thing I absolutely love making cupcakes :). I was originally supposed to make a “Giant Cupcake Cake”, however that turned out to be a huge disaster but in the end came these lovely cupcakes.

Everything went wrong from the start and by the end it looked like a tornado made of sugar, flour, and eggs came through my kitchen! I had to bake the cake a couple of times because the top half would not come fill up the pan correctly. After I was 60% pleased with the cake, running out of ingredients, and starting to get a tad annoyed…. I attempted to ice the cake. Since I had extra batter, I put 12 vanilla cupcakes in the oven (just in case my luck continued to go south). The bottom half ended up being red velvet and the top was vanilla because of multiple attempts to get the top “just right”!! I started to pipe the bottom and it was a lot trickier than I thought or maybe I was trying too much on a hard design. Either way, the timer for my cupcakes went off and they looked beautiful and my Giant Cupcake looked like a hot mess…so in the end I went with a simple vanilla cupcake and strawberry frosting topped with eatable pearl beads and a “celebrate” flag. 🙂 I think these look soo much better but I’ll always favor cupcakes because I’m a cupcake girl!

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