Button Sunflower on Canvas

photo (3)

I love making crafts with buttons! They seem to make every project more special and just plan cute!! So when a friend’s birthday came up I knew it had to include present with buttons. I picked a sunflower because it’s springtime and I made the frame green to be the grass surrounding the flower. I’ll be honest, after I made it was hard to give away. Hopefully my friend will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it 🙂

Items Needed:
Acrylic Paint
12 x12 Wood Frame
Puff Paint
Hot Glue
Paint Brush
12×12 Canvas


1. I painted the wood frame green with 2 coats, let the first coat dry completely before painting the second coat. I then arranged my buttons in the corners and used hot glue to glue in place.
2. I used an 18×24 canvas because that is what I had handy. I cut out a 12×12 square by tracing the card board square given in the wood frame. (Later I will hot glue the canvas to the cardboard when I am done painting)
3. I used a pencil to draw the sunflower on the canvas.
4. With the acrylic paints, I painted 2 coats of brown on the center and 2 coats of gold outlining the petals. I used a lighter yellow to paint the center of the petals. I painted the sky with a very light blue.
5. Using the puff paints, I outlined the petals with gold and added texture to the petals by adding lines in the center. With copper I added a thick line to the bottom of the petal and with brown I added a thick line to the center.
6. I took my paint brush and used the gold puff paint as an actual paint and lightly painted over each petal to give it a nice shine.
7. After all the puff paint was completely dry (a few hours because it was very thick) I hot glued the canvas to the cardboard and placed inside the wood frame.
8. I arranged my buttons and hot glued each one.

photo 1
photo 3
photo 5photo 1(1)

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