Summer Front Door Wreath


I love Christmas time and people begin to decorate their houses. Everyone has beautiful wreaths hanging on their door. I made my first Christmas wreath two years and loved it! I get a little sad every time I have to take it down and put it away for a whole year… 😦 So, this year I made a Summer wreath! It was super easy and inexpensive. Hope you like it 🙂I did not take any tutorial pictures but I will list everything I bought and used from Hobby Lobby:
1. Woven branch wreath
2. 5 white sunflower stems
3. Small yellow flower (unknown name, any small kind will work)
4. Burlap Ribbon
5. Wood “S”- Painted White
6. Hot Glue Gun
7. Small Piece of Wire
1. I cut the stems of the white flowers and left about 3 inches. I stuck through the wreath and bent the stem through the branches to become secure.
2. I cut the yellow flowers the same way and positioned and secured a few in random areas around the white flowers. If you secure the stems through the back of the wreath tight enough you do not have to use hot glue.
3. After I painted and let my letter dry I secured it onto the wreath with a small piece of wire. I wrapped the wire around the center of the “S” and secured tightly. The wire was black so I painted it white. 
4. I tied the burlap into a bow and place onto the top center of the wreath. I secured this with a pieced of wire also.
And there you go! A 15 minute Summer Wreath that will brighten up any door 🙂

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