Button Sunflower on Canvas

photo (3)

I love making crafts with buttons! They seem to make every project more special and just plan cute!! So when a friend’s birthday came up I knew it had to include present with buttons. I picked a sunflower because it’s springtime and I made the frame green to be the grass surrounding the flower. I’ll be honest, after I made it was hard to give away. Hopefully my friend will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it 🙂

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Summer Front Door Wreath


I love Christmas time and people begin to decorate their houses. Everyone has beautiful wreaths hanging on their door. I made my first Christmas wreath two years and loved it! I get a little sad every time I have to take it down and put it away for a whole year… 😦 So, this year I made a Summer wreath! It was super easy and inexpensive. Hope you like it 🙂 Continue reading