Banana Pudding Cupcake

Banana CupcakeMy husband eats a banana almost every day and has wanted me to make something delicious with bananas. I was in a cupcake making mood today (like most days) so I thought I would make a banana cupcake to please us both. I saved half the batter and made a loaf of Banana Pudding bread just to put an extra smile of his face 🙂 Both desserts turned out great and were enjoyed very much! I hope you enjoy too 🙂

Banana Pudding Cupcake

I wanted the flavor of a yellow cake but have not found the absolutely perfect recipe yet so a box was handy! I did not have pudding handy but I improvised and made my own by mixing Vanilla Greek yogurt and 1 banana which was better than any box pudding! I will be using that every time from now on.


1 box yellow cake (will need oil and eggs to prepare)
1 single serving of Vanilla Greek yogurt
2 bananas
36 Nilla Wafers


1. Make yellow cake mix
2. Dice ONE banana, add to small bowl and mash with fork.
3. Add Greek yogurt, mix well with electric mixer (this is your pudding, it’s delicious!)
4. Add to cake batter and mix until blended with mixer.
5. Line cupcake liners, fill bottom of liners with batter, just enough to cover the bottom.
6. Add a Nilla wafer and banana to each cupcake and then fill ¾ with batter.
7. Bake 15-18 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Let completely cool before icing.
8. Slice banana and cut remaining wafers in half for garnishing cupcakes.
9. Top with icing and garnish with left over Nilla wafers and sliced bananas

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