Scrapbook Flower on Canvas

Scrapbook Flower

I LOVE Pinterest, I was hooked from the very first pin 🙂 It gives me so much inspiration for new ideas and I find so many cute projects that I can’t wait to try and create. While scrolling through Pinterest one day I came across the “Scrapbook Flower on Canvas. “Ohhh, I must make this! Now!”. So, I went and got all the pretty scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby. This took two hours because I can never leave Hobby Lobby with just one thing. I end up wandering the aisles and playing with all the wandering crafting supplies.

I loved this project because there is not an exact template to follow which allowed me to put my own personal touch to the flower and create the design any way I wanted . I spent the entire day painting, cutting the perfect petals, and mod-poding (I use Mod Podge for everything! It’s the greatest “glue” invented if you use right… 🙂 I am already planning to make another one soon.

Items-Scrapbook Flower

Items Used:
-16×20 White Canvas
-‘Antique Nickel’ gray Acrylic Paint
-5 different large pieces of scrapbook paper (I made two flowers and I designed one with a lot of greens and the other with a lot of blues
-Mod Podge Craft Glue
-Sponge Brush (to paint gray on canvas)
-Small Brush (to apply Mod Podge to petals)

flower in progress

1.Cut out your petals in any size you like. I made my teardrop petals slightly smaller than the other petals.
2.Arrange the petals on the canvas in any pattern. Cut the petals at the edge if they hang over.
3.Apply Mod Podge to the back of one petal at a time with a small brush. If the petal starts to curl, lay something flat on top until the glue dries. After reading other reviews from Pinterest, it may not a good idea to apply Mod Podge on top of the petals because it will ruin the petals. One review said hers turned out fine, but after all this work, I was not going to chance it! Hot glue guns and glue sticks also did not work out too well. Mod Podge is your friend if used properly 🙂

5 thoughts on “Scrapbook Flower on Canvas

  1. Hi!! I have also done this project. I made a canvas for my daughter with one big heart podged on and since that worked well I recently did something similar to you (I just haven’t posted the blog yet) I DID podge over top of the scrapbook flowers, to give them a nice finish and when the whole canvas was done I covered the whole thing with a coat of podge. It worked fine for me so I just thought I would let you know that. You canvas flowers look great and I agree it is such a great project!

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