French Vanilla Cupcake


I made this cupcake by accident. I wish more of my experiments would come out to be great tasting, drop to your knees cupcakes! But they can’t all be winners : ) I was experimenting with cake balls and added Vanilla Greek Yogurt to the batter to make extra moist.  When I realized I had more batter than I knew what to do with and would be shoving cake balls in my husband’s mouth for a week, I decided to make a few cupcakes.
I dipped the cupcake tops into the Baker’s white chocolate candy coating that made the perfect thin layer of hard icing. It was a a nice change from the creamy frosting. I love creamy frosting on top of a cupcake but sometimes I like to mix things up!
The Greek Yogurt added the perfect amount of moisture to the cupcake. I will be using that in all my cupcake batter from now on. I added the edible pearls in top to make it extra pretty. All cupcakes need some bling 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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